API Encryption News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Dissecting TLS Using Wireshark (2017-05-12) blog.catchpoint.com
SSAGOV To Require Stronger Authentication (2017-05-10) krebsonsecurity.com
Tweet Now in the Cloudflare TLS stack Client Authentication httpstcopCxQNSZ29B httpstcoksZ4s2B670 (2017-05-01) twitter.com
Introducing TLS with Client Authentication (2017-05-01) blog.cloudflare.com
TLSSSL Explained TLSSSL Certificates Part 3 (2017-05-02) dzone.com
UK seeks end to endtoend encryption (2017-05-05) www.pcworld.com
UK surveillance law still fuzzy on decryption rules for comms providers (2017-05-05) techcrunch.com
Create a SelfSigned SSL Certificate Using OpenSSL (2017-05-04) dzone.com
Establishing a TLS Connection Part 4 (2017-05-03) dzone.com
ServerSide Encryption for Amazon Simple Queue Service SQS (2017-05-01) aws.amazon.com
W3C Launches FrontEnd Developer Certificate (2017-04-26) www.programmableweb.com
mbedTLS SSL Certificate Verification With Mosquitto lwIP and MQTT (2017-04-26) dzone.com
How to establish strong microservice security using SSL TLS and API gateways (2017-04-27) www.techrepublic.com
Amazon Athena adds support for Querying Encrypted Data (2017-04-14) aws.amazon.com
The Long Slog To Getting Encryption Right (2017-04-14) www.darkreading.com
DotGov Domain Registration Program to Provide HTTPS Preloading in May (2017-04-12) www.digitalgov.gov
Hewlett Packard Enterprise touts encryption tool for federal clients (2017-04-13) thehill.com
Amazon Adds Cross Region and Encrypted Replication Support for Aurora (2017-04-13) www.infoq.com
BetterTLS A Name Constraints test suite for HTTPS clients (2017-04-10) techblog.netflix.com
Encryption In Automation (2017-04-11) blog.opto22.com
23 of Security Pros are Blind to Encrypted Traffic Threats (2017-04-06) www.itsecurityguru.org
AWS Lambda Encrypted Environment Variables (2017-04-06) dzone.com
Activists Need to Watch Out for Fake Encryption Keys (2017-04-05) motherboard.vice.com
Encryption Policy and Freedom of the Press (2017-04-04) www.schneier.com
Google Slams Symantec for Failures in SSLTLS Certificate Process (2017-03-24) www.darkreading.com
FBI director floats international framework on access to encrypted data (2017-03-23) www.pcworld.com
Announcing Free and Automated SSL Certs For All Paid Dynos (2017-03-21) blog.heroku.com
GitHub Uses Broken Cryptography But It Has a Plan (2017-03-21) motherboard.vice.com
The Encryption Debate in Europe (2017-03-21) www.lawfareblog.com
Critical Vulnerability Uncovered in JSON Encryption (2017-03-13) blogs.adobe.com
Google Cloud adds new customersupplied encryption key partners (2017-03-15) www.zdnet.com
HTTPS Interception Weakens TLS Security (2017-03-17) www.us-cert.gov
Eclipse Plugins via HTTPS and Lets Encrypt (2017-03-13) dzone.com
API Gateway now integrates with Amazon Certificate Manager (2017-03-09) aws.amazon.com
Googles SHA1 Countdown Clock Could Undermine Enterprise Security (2017-03-07) www.darkreading.com
Researchers find major flaws in encrypted chat app popular in WH (2017-03-08) thehill.com
Continuously Encrypt Amazon Redshift Loads with S3 KMS and Lambda (2017-03-10) dzone.com
No you shouldnt delete Signal or other encrypted apps (2017-03-07) techcrunch.com
Google shifts on email encryption tool leaving its fate unclear (2017-02-27) www.pcworld.com
Partnering on open source Google and HashiCorp engineers on managing GCP infrastructure (2017-03-02) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Tweet No 1Password data was put at risk through the bug reported earlier today httpstcoS7G62Qw85Q (2017-02-23) twitter.com
Tweet New on the AWSIdentity blog s2n is now handling 100 percent of SSL traffic for Amazon S3 httpstcof52Zjzbvm3 httpstcoUuVOLH2zD6 (2017-02-24) twitter.com
SSL Proxy Splunk NGINX (2017-02-20) blogs.splunk.com
An Overview of the Public Key Infrastructure Parameters and Standards (2017-02-20) resources.infosecinstitute.com
E2EMail research project has left the nest (2017-02-24) security.googleblog.com
SHA1 Has Been Compromised In Practice (2017-02-24) auth0.com
Google Researchers Shatter SHA1 Hash (2017-02-23) www.darkreading.com
Google Dutch institute crack key internet security standard (2017-02-23) www.reuters.com
Stop using SHA1 encryption Its now completely unsafe Google proves (2017-02-23) www.pcworld.com
Security researchers announce first practical SHA1 collision attack (2017-02-23) techcrunch.com
Using SSL for InTransit Data Encryption to Improve MySQL Security (2017-02-23) dzone.com
Announcing the first SHA1 collision (2017-02-24) security.googleblog.com
EFF Half of web traffic is now encrypted (2017-02-22) techcrunch.com
Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast A Tale of RSA (2017-02-22) www.lawfareblog.com
Riseup Will Encrypt All Emails to Prevent FBI Searches (2017-02-17) motherboard.vice.com
Wickr Releases Crypto Protocol on GitHub (2017-02-15) www.pcmag.com
Encryption Apps Help White House Staffers Leakand Maybe Break the Law (2017-02-15) www.wired.com
GOP reps demand investigation of EPA employees using encrypted chat (2017-02-15) thehill.com
You can now use Signal for encrypted video calls (2017-02-14) techcrunch.com
Setting up GitLab Pages with CloudFlare Certificates (2017-02-07) about.gitlab.com
Encryption of data 039manageable039 for law enforcement think tank says (2017-02-08) thehill.com
Tokenization vs Encryption Understanding the Difference (2017-02-08) dzone.com
FBI official No immediate changes to encryption policy under Trump (2017-02-08) thehill.com
Encryption Reaches Huge Milestone Majority of Traffic Uses HTTPS (2017-02-03) continuum.cisco.com
The Mathematical Algorithms of Asymmetric Cryptography and an Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure (2017-02-03) resources.infosecinstitute.com
Half the Web Is Now Encrypted That Makes Everyone Safer (2017-01-30) www.wired.com
TLS 13 explained by the Cloudflare Crypto Team at 33c3 (2017-02-01) blog.cloudflare.com
A Review of Asymmetric Cryptography (2017-01-31) resources.infosecinstitute.com
Google Introduces Cloudbased Encryption Key Management Service (2017-01-16) www.infoq.com
Advances In SSL 5 Strategies For Secure HighPerformance Load Balancers (2017-01-17) www.darkreading.com
All new executive branch gov domains will ditch HTTP enforce HTTPS (2017-01-19) techcrunch.com
Handling HTTPS Requests With AkkaHTTPS Server (2017-01-20) dzone.com
New US Executive Branch Websites to Force HTTPS (2017-01-20) www.pcmag.com
New US Executive Branch Websites to Force HTTPS (2017-01-19) www.pcmag.com
An Examination of the Caesar Methodology Ciphers Vectors and Block Chaining (2017-01-18) resources.infosecinstitute.com
GitHub googlekeytransparency A transparent and secure way to look up public keys (2017-01-12) github.com
A Brief Summary of Encryption Method Used in Widespread Ransomware (2017-01-13) resources.infosecinstitute.com
Cloud Key Management Service (2017-01-11) cloud.google.com
Managing encryption keys in the cloud introducing Google Cloud Key Management Service (2017-01-11) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Buggy Domain Validation Forces GoDaddy to Revoke Certs (2017-01-11) threatpost.com
Apple partners with Tresorit to offer endtoend encryption for CareKit (2017-01-11) www.zdnet.com
The State of Crypto Law 2016 in Review (2017-01-02) www.eff.org
Automating SSL encryption for your servers with LetsEncrypt and Ansible (2017-01-02) www.codeproject.com
AirMap DigiCert to issue digital certificates for drones (2016-12-13) www.pcworld.com
Facebook helps companies detect rogue SSL certificates for domains (2016-12-13) www.pcworld.com
The Weak Case Against Strong Encryption (2016-12-15) dzone.com
Giving Up on PGP (2016-12-16) www.schneier.com
EFF to Tech Leaders Stand With Users and Tell Trump We Need Strong Encryption Internet Freedom (2016-12-13) www.eff.org
OpenSSL Releases Security Update (2016-11-10) www.us-cert.gov
Surveillance encryption concerns in the wake of Donald Trumps victory (2016-11-10) www.siliconbeat.com
Security Encryption Hashing and PHP (2016-11-07) www.phproundtable.com
Heres to more HTTPS on the web (2016-11-06) developers.googleblog.com
Report Slams Snapchat Skype Over Encryption (2016-10-21) www.pcmag.com
Introducing Internationalized Domain Name IDN Support (2016-10-21) letsencrypt.org
Always Encrypted feature in SQL Server 2016 (2016-10-19) www.codeproject.com
Even Clintons Aides Think Shes Wrong About Encryption (2016-10-15) motherboard.vice.com
TLS noncense (2016-10-12) blog.cloudflare.com
FBI Apple eye new fight over encryption (2016-10-10) thehill.com
Is Lets Encrypt the Largest Certificate Authority on the Web (2016-10-10) www.eff.org
Crypto Wars Why the Fight to Encrypt Rages On (2016-10-10) www.pcmag.com
Encryption A Backdoor For One Is A Backdoor For All (2016-10-14) www.darkreading.com
Encrypted communications could have an undetectable backdoor (2016-10-11) www.pcworld.com
Thanks To Encryption Governments Need Companies Like Yahoo To Spy on Users (2016-10-07) motherboard.vice.com
Encrypted Secret Conversations Roll Out on Facebook Messenger (2016-10-06) www.pcmag.com
Updated Puppet GPG signing key (2016-10-06) puppet.com
Tweet RT jeffbarr Amazon S3Encrypt Encrypt ampamp Decrypt files in S3 with KMS Keys httpstcogvLD9voI3l AWS httpstcoQvFaNzZFtc (2016-10-03) twitter.com
Facebook Messenger now lets everyone encrypt their conversations but theres a catch (2016-10-04) thenextweb.com
How to encrypt your Facebook Messages (2016-10-04) techcrunch.com
How Did the Feds Get Past Yahoos Encryption Yahoo (2016-10-04) www.wired.com
After Mozilla inquiry Apple untrusts Chinese certificate authority (2016-10-04) www.pcworld.com
Facebook Messenger now lets you toggle endtoend encryption (2016-10-04) www.engadget.com
New Documents Reveal Government Effort to Impose Secrecy on Encryption Company (2016-10-04) www.aclu.org
Israeli Firm Claims It Can Break WhatsApps Encryption from Backpack (2016-10-03) www.itsecurityguru.org
Cryptpad a freeopen endtoend encrypted zeroknowledge shared text editor (2016-09-26) boingboing.net
Introducing Dedicated SSL Certificates (2016-09-29) blog.cloudflare.com
Stanford Researchers Seek Court Documents Ordering Companies to Help Government Defeat Encryption (2016-09-29) cyberlaw.stanford.edu
Is TLS Fast Yet (2016-09-21) istlsfastyet.com
Tweet Encryption Week TLS 13 Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Opportunistic Encryption httpstcowaZB9CuuyM httpstcocEssBCBFpz (2016-09-20) twitter.com
Tweet Introducing TLS 13 CloudFlare is turbocharging the encrypted internet httpstcoGpsWYkoIci httpstcoe6CEX3a0EJ (2016-09-20) twitter.com
Opportunistic Encryption Bringing HTTP2 to the unencrypted web (2016-09-21) blog.cloudflare.com
An overview of TLS 13 and QA (2016-09-23) blog.cloudflare.com
How we brought HTTPS Everywhere to the cloud part 1 (2016-09-24) blog.cloudflare.com
The Cryptographic Key That Secures the Web Is Being Changed for the First Time (2016-09-24) motherboard.vice.com
Fixing the mixed content problem with Automatic HTTPS Rewrites (2016-09-22) blog.cloudflare.com
Cloudflare Launches a ThreePronged Attack to Encrypt the Entire Web (2016-09-20) www.wired.com
Additional AtRest and InTransit Encryption Options for Amazon EMR (2016-09-21) aws.amazon.com
Introducing TLS 13 (2016-09-21) blog.cloudflare.com
Cloudflare looks to TLS 13 to secure internet (2016-09-21) www.scmagazineuk.com
Opportunistic Encryption Bringing HTTP2 to the unencrypted web (2016-09-21) blog.cloudflare.com
Encryption Week (2016-09-20) blog.cloudflare.com
Policy Law and Technology in the Current Crypto Wars (2016-09-14) cyberlaw.stanford.edu
Configure AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application to Use SSL (2016-09-12) dzone.com
Senators want to revive dead antiencryption bill leak shows (2016-09-13) www.itsecurityguru.org
Lets Encrypt Those CNAMES Shall We (2016-09-07) www.digitalgov.gov
Establish a Secure SSL Connection to PostgreSQL DB Server (2016-08-31) dzone.com
More Than 40 Of Attacks Abuse SSL Encryption (2016-08-31) www.darkreading.com
Europe Begins Its Own Encryption TugofWar (2016-08-26) continuum.cisco.com
Collision Attacks Against 64Bit Block Ciphers (2016-08-26) www.schneier.com
Taking stock of the new FrenchGerman encryption proposal (2016-08-24) www.politico.com
French German ministers demand new encryption backdoor law (2016-08-25) www.itsecurityguru.org
The Best Encryption Software of 2016 (2016-08-23) www.pcmag.com
BringYourOwnEncryption on AWS (2016-08-17) dzone.com
SignalFire New Firmware Adds AES128 Encryption to its Wireless Remote Monitoring Product Line (2016-08-16) www.remotemagazine.com
France says fight against messaging encryption needs worldwide initiative (2016-08-11) www.reuters.com
Encryption and the Golden Key (2016-08-11) www.lawfareblog.com
How the Government Is Waging Crypto War 20 (2016-08-10) motherboard.vice.com
New JustinTime Certificate Registration for AWS IoT (2016-08-03) aws.amazon.com
How Google protects your data CustomerSupplied Encryption Keys for Compute Engine goes GA (2016-08-01) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Intel Crosswalk bug invalidates SSL protection (2016-08-01) www.itsecurityguru.org
Bringing HSTS to wwwgooglecom (2016-07-30) security.googleblog.com
Tweet You can now disable SSL validation in the settings menu httpstcow8xcpJFJXy (2016-07-28) twitter.com
Full Support for IPv6 (2016-07-26) letsencrypt.org
Turkish coup used unbreakable encryption (2016-07-19) thehill.com
(2016-07-19) dzone.com
Beyond the Crypto Wars Access Now releases outcomes report from Crypto Summit 20 (2016-07-19) www.accessnow.org
Week ahead Encryption fight poised to heat up (2016-07-18) thehill.com
Why is State Department silent in the global encryption debate (2016-07-11) fedscoop.com
Enable ClientSide SSL Authentication of an API with the API Gateway Console (2016-07-16) docs.aws.amazon.com
Connecting to Twitter API using TLS Twitter Developers (2016-07-16) dev.twitter.com
Encrypted comms company Silent Circle closes 50M Series C (2016-07-15) techcrunch.com
(2016-07-14) www.nginx.com
UK surveillance bill includes powers to limit endtoend encryption (2016-07-15) techcrunch.com
Security SSL has a Performance Tax (2016-07-11) blog.catchpoint.com
Binding SSL certificates to Warewolf Server for HTTPS communication (2016-04-13) warewolf.io
Setting up HTTPS for your REST API With Boxfuse (2016-05-15) dzone.com
Googles Allo runs on the same encryption tech that powers WhatsApp (2016-05-18) www.theverge.com
Announcing Heroku Free SSL Beta and Flexible Dyno Hours (2016-05-18) blog.heroku.com
How to Use the REST API to Encrypt S3 Objects by Using AWS KMS (2016-05-23) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Googles Encryption Choices With Allo (2016-05-23) www.buzzfeed.com
Why Switching to HTTPS Will Make Your Analytics Better (2016-06-06) www.digitalgov.gov
Configuring Custom Domains and SSL (2016-06-17) support.brightcove.com
Facebook is testing endtoend encryption for Messenger (2016-07-08) www.theverge.com
Experimenting with PostQuantum Cryptography (2016-07-07) security.googleblog.com
How to Prevent Uploads of Unencrypted Objects to Amazon S3 (2016-07-06) blogs.aws.amazon.com
PokitDok Security Update SSL Protocol Upgrade Notice (2016-06-23) blog.pokitdok.com
Secure GitLab Pages with StartSSL (2016-06-24) about.gitlab.com
NIST Plans to Fend off Quantum Computers That Will Attack Encryption (2016-05-12) dzone.com
How we built Origin CA Web Crypto (2016-05-10) blog.cloudflare.com
Police and Tech Giants Wrangle Over Encryption on Capitol Hill (2016-05-08) www.nytimes.com
HTTPS is Hard (2016-05-05) blog.pusher.com
Bringing HTTPS to all blogspot domain blogs (2016-05-03) security.googleblog.com
Adding HTTPS to Your Website (2016-05-02) dzone.com
Using HTTPS to Secure Your Websites An Intro to Web Security (2016-04-29) dzone.com
Using HTTPS to Secure Your Websites An Intro to Web Security (2016-04-26) auth0.com
BlackBerrys Global Encryption Key (2016-04-25) www.schneier.com
The Encryption Farce (2016-04-25) www.wsj.com
Install Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate and Force It to Use HTTPS (2016-04-21) dzone.com
Read the tech industrys open letter about unworkable encryption bill (2016-04-20) www.theverge.com
Upgrading to SHA2 and TLS 12 (2016-04-13) stripe.com
Canadian police reportedly got hold of BlackBerrys encryption key (2016-04-14) www.businessinsider.com
Covering Your Assets Data Encryption in API Management (2016-04-13) www.apiman.io
WordPresscom turns on HTTPS encryption for all websites (2016-04-08) techcrunch.com
New bill would require companies to decrypt data on demand (2016-04-08) www.theverge.com
White House declines support for encrypted data access bill (2016-04-07) disruptiveviews.com
WhatsApp endtoend encryption Cross platform endtoend encryption for 11 group chat (2016-04-05) blog.whatsapp.com
WhatsApp ReIgnites the Encryption Debate With Its Software Update (2016-04-06) www.huffingtonpost.com
WhatsApp bolsters encryption now endtoend (2016-04-06) disruptiveviews.com
WhatsApp now supports endtoend encryption for all your picture voice and text messages (2016-04-05) thenextweb.com
WhatsApp is Now EndtoEnd Encrypted (2016-04-05) www.schneier.com
ACLU Map Documents the 63 Known Cases in Which Government Has Tried to Use All Writs Act to Overcome Encryption (2016-03-30) www.aclu.org
SSL Server Test Powered by Qualys SSL Labs (2016-03-31) www.ssllabs.com
FBI vs Apple A Postmortem (2016-03-30) hackaday.com
ENISA speaks out against backdoors into encryption (2016-03-30) disruptiveviews.com
The Year 40bit Encryption Was Cracked (2016-03-28) dyn.com
Googles HTTPS encryption efforts now on display in Transparency Report (2016-03-15) zdnet.com.feedsportal.com
How DiffieHellman Public Key Cryptography Works (2016-03-15) www.youtube.com
Securing MongoDB Part 3 Database Auditing and Encryption (2016-03-20) dzone.com
Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks (2016-03-24) www.schneier.com
More Encryption More Notifications More Email Security (2016-03-24) security.googleblog.com
How to Use the New AWS Encryption SDK to Simplify Data Encryption and Improve Application Availability (2016-03-22) blogs.aws.amazon.com
FBI enlists Israeli firm to unlock encrypted iPhone (2016-03-23) venturebeat.com
The FBI is reportedly working with an Israeli forensics firm to crack the San Bernardino iPhone (2016-03-23) thenextweb.com
1981 US Document on Encryption Policy (2016-03-23) www.schneier.com
Third party iPhone hacking option stalls AppleFBI showdown (2016-03-22) disruptiveviews.com
Apple and FBI Court Appearance Postponed (2016-03-22) www.infoq.com
After Apple the Justice Department is targeting WhatsApp over encryption (2016-03-13) thenextweb.com
WhatsApp Encryption Said to Stymie Wiretap Order (2016-03-12) www.nytimes.com
Major SSL Vulnerability Affects OpenSSL and HTTPS server traffic (2016-03-02) www.infoq.com
US Secretary of Defense on Apple encryption Im not a believer in backdoors (2016-03-02) venturebeat.com
AtRest Encryption in MongoDB 32 Features and Performance (2016-03-09) dzone.com
Privacy Security and Encryption (2016-03-10) www.graphite.org
Run OpenShift console on port 443 (2016-03-09) blog.openshift.com
Its 2016 and were still not using HTTPS properly (2016-03-07) venturebeat.com
Introduction to Public Key Encryption for Managers (2016-03-06) dzone.com
UKs spying rules would force tech companies to break encryption and youll pay for it (2016-03-01) thenextweb.com
Judge backs Apple in encryption fight with government (2016-03-01) disruptiveviews.com
Will This Bill End the War Between the Government and the Tech Community Over Encryption (2016-02-29) www.motherjones.com
Privacy Encryption and the Fourth Amendment (2016-02-23) www.huffingtonpost.com
Apple to Tighten iCloud Backup Encryption (2016-02-25) www.ft.com
The Importance of Strong Encryption to Security (2016-02-25) www.schneier.com
Apple reportedly wants Congress to decide on iPhone encryption case (2016-02-24) www.theverge.com
Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (2016-02-22) www.windley.com
Decrypting an iPhone for the FBI (2016-02-22) www.schneier.com
The Debate at the Heart of the Digital Age (2016-02-21) www.box.com
Free SSLTLS Certificates With Lets Encrypt and Nginx (2016-02-21) dzone.com
Apple Sees Value in Privacy Vow (2016-02-20) www.nytimes.com
Americans feel the tensions between privacy and security concerns (2016-02-19) www.pewresearch.org
The FBI v Apple isnt at all the way you think it is (2016-02-19) www.cringely.com
On Apple and Encryption The FBI Security and iPhones (2016-02-18) dzone.com
How Tim Cook Became a Bulwark for Digital Privacy (2016-02-18) www.nytimes.com
Facebook and Twitter join Apples side in encryption battle (2016-02-18) www.theverge.com
EFF to Support Apple in Encryption Battle (2016-02-18) www.eff.org
Reform Government Surveillance Statement Regarding Encryption and Security (2016-02-18) reformgs.tumblr.com
Customer Letter Apple (2016-02-17) www.apple.com
End To End Encryption (2016-02-17) avc.com
Explaining Apples Fight With the FBI (2016-02-17) www.nytimes.com
Using Free SSLTLS Certificates from Lets Encrypt for NGINX (2016-02-17) www.nginx.com
The FBI is striking at the heart of Apples security system (2016-02-17) www.theverge.com
WhatsApp founder defends Apple in FBI encryption fight (2016-02-17) www.theverge.com
Apple vs the FBI all the news on the battle for encryptions future (2016-02-17) www.theverge.com
A Court Ordered Apple to Hack the San Bernardino Shooters Phone Read Tim Cooks Defiant Response (2016-02-17) www.motherjones.com
Judge Orders Apple to Help FBI Crack San Bernardino iPhone (2016-02-17) www.motherjones.com
Judge Orders Apple To Break Into Phone Of San Bernardino Shooter (2016-02-16) www.huffingtonpost.com
Worldwide Encryption Products Survey (2016-02-11) www.schneier.com
Encryption does not allow criminals and terrorists to go dark Harvard study finds (2016-02-01) www.dailydot.com
New bill looks to save smartphone encryption from state bans (2016-02-10) www.theverge.com
RapidSSL is here (2016-02-11) opensrs.com
Lawmakers seek to bar US states from mandating encryption weaknesses (2016-02-11) disruptiveviews.com
Introducing Box KeySafe (2016-02-04) www.box.com
Box launches KeySafe service for secure storage of encryption keys (2016-02-04) venturebeat.com
Tell the New York legislature how you really feel about this smartphone encryption bill (2016-01-19) www.theverge.com
Encryption does not allow criminals and terrorists to go dark Harvard study finds (2016-02-01) www.dailydot.com
All Shopify Stores Now Use SSL Encryption Everywhere (2016-02-02) www.shopify.com
Why Apple Defends Encryption (2016-01-20) tidbits.com
France Rejects Back Doors in Encryption Products (2016-01-20) www.schneier.com
Chairman of Uber Military Tech companies should cooperate with intelligence agencies on encrypted data (2016-01-28) pando.com
Facebook Shuts Down Parse Shocking Developers (2016-01-28) www.programmableweb.com
BitTorrent Sync adds folder encryption and other features for power users (2016-01-21) thenextweb.com
Now Available AWS Certificate Manager (2016-01-21) blogs.aws.amazon.com
ATTs CEO says Tim Cook shouldnt have any say in encryption debate (2016-01-21) www.theverge.com
New AWS Certificate Manager Deploy SSLTLSBased Apps on AWS (2016-01-21) aws.amazon.com
Does the NSAs proencryption stance mean its already broken common protocols (2016-01-21) thenextweb.com
AWS launches tool that provides SSL and TLS certificates for free (2016-01-21) venturebeat.com
District attorney offices are bringing the encryption war directly to the states (2016-01-22) www.theverge.com
UK Government Promoting BackdoorEnabled Voice Encryption Protocol (2016-01-22) www.schneier.com
Tim Cook Lashes Out at White House Officials for Being WishyWashy on Encryption (2016-01-15) theintercept.com
Amazon EBS Encryption Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (2016-01-14) docs.aws.amazon.com
CloudFront Update HTTPS TLS v11v12 to the Origin AddModify Headers (2016-01-13) aws.amazon.com
Apple Facebook Google Microsoft and Twitter urge UK to guarantee encryption in law (2016-01-07) thenextweb.com
Securing APIs Using SecureDB Encrypted Identity Manager (2016-01-06) securedb.co
Visibility and control over SSL traffic in an era of HTTP20 (2015-12-23) f5.com
Apple Pushes Against British Talk of Softening Encryption (2015-12-21) rss.nytimes.com
Google will drop SHA1 encryption from Chrome by January 1 2017 (2015-12-18) venturebeat.com
EFF Access Now and the White House Sat Down to Talk About Encryption The Details (2015-12-17) www.eff.org
New Encryption at Rest for Amazon Aurora (2015-12-07) aws.amazon.com
How Israel Regulates Encryption (2015-12-08) www.schneier.com
Coded Messages FBI Chief Says Texas Gunman Used Encryption to Text Overseas Terrorist (2015-12-09) www.nytimes.com
FBI Director James Comey Calls on Tech Companies Offering EndtoEnd Encryption to Reconsider Their Business Model (2015-12-10) theintercept.com
Dell does a Superfish ships PCs with easily cloneable root certificates Ars Technica (2015-11-23) arstechnica.com
How to Protect the Integrity of Your Encrypted Data by Using AWS Key Management Service and EncryptionContext (2015-11-05) blogs.aws.amazon.com
An API For Encrypted Storage Of All Your Accounts Data Files And Setting (2015-10-15) apievangelist.com
(2015-10-16) apievangelist.com
How is NSA breaking so much crypto (2015-10-15) freedom-to-tinker.com
Pushbullet Has Just Tightened Its SMS Encryption (2015-08-19) www.callfire.com
Securing Your Data Stream with P2P Encryption (2015-08-11) nordicapis.com
The Risks of Mandating Backdoors in Encryption Products (2015-07-09) www.schneier.com
FBI chief claims encrypted communications danger to country (2015-07-09) disruptiveviews.com
Code Specialists Oppose US and British Government Access to Encrypted Communication (2015-07-07) www.nytimes.com
Guest View US encryption export controls and misconceptions (2015-07-01) sdtimes.com
History of the First Crypto War (2015-06-22) www.schneier.com
SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted (2015-06-16) www.infoq.com
Reddit is moving to total encryption (2015-06-17) www.theverge.com
Hieropt Encryption Library for NET WinForms Web NET (2015-06-18) codecanyon.net
Preventing hack using encryption not feasible says US government official (2015-06-17) thenextweb.com
Bing will soon encrypt your search queries by default (2015-06-15) thenextweb.com
Microsoft will soon use HTTPS to encrypt Bing search traffic by default (2015-06-15) venturebeat.com
Securing access to Wikimedia sites with HTTPS by default (2015-06-12) blog.wikimedia.org
Obamas received yet another open letter calling for him to defend encryption (2015-06-10) pando.com
How to implement SSLTLS in Varnish Plus (2015-06-09) www.varnish-software.com
Register for and Attend This June 16 WebinarDeep Dive Protecting Your Data with AWS Encryption (2015-06-09) blogs.aws.amazon.com
US Tech Industry Warns Obama To Leave Encryption Alone (2015-06-09) www.huffingtonpost.com
The US government is moving to HTTPS everywhere (2015-06-07) 18f.gsa.gov
The encryption debate in the balance (2015-06-09) disruptiveviews.com
Encrypt like a boss with the Email SelfDefense Guide Boing Boing (2015-06-06) boingboing.net
Facebook says users can add OpenPGP public keys to profiles enable encrypted email notifications (2015-06-01) venturebeat.com
Facebook supports encrypted emails to defend user privacy (2015-06-01) pando.com
FBI says crypto technology promoted by Apple and WhatsApp is helping terrorists (2015-06-04) venturebeat.com
Facebook now lets you put a PGP key on your profile and uses it to encrypt notifications (2015-06-01) thenextweb.com
UN Government efforts to undermine encryption threaten basic human rights (2015-05-29) pando.com
Philip Zimmermann king of encryption reveals his fears for privacy Technology The Guardian (2015-05-25) www.theguardian.com
Philip Zimmermann king of encryption reveals his fears for privacy (2015-05-25) www.theguardian.com
UN Report on the Value of Encryption to Freedom WorldWide (2015-05-29) www.schneier.com
Understanding HTTPS Protocol (2015-05-27) www.codeproject.com
Sunlight analysis reveals only 15 percent of congressional websites are HTTPS ready (2015-05-26) sunlightfoundation.com
Encryption Keys A Brief and Exciting History (2015-05-22) www.box.com
Stronger crypto better security (2015-05-11) blog.fluxiom.com
The FBI Keeps Demanding Impossible Solutions to Its Encryption Problem (2015-04-21) motherboard.vice.com
BitTorrents encrypted chat app Bleep gets photos (2015-04-03) venturebeat.com
Amazon EMR Now Supports Amazon S3 ClientSide Encryption (2015-03-25) aws.amazon.com
Yahoo shows off passwordfree logins and new encrypted email technology (2015-03-15) www.theverge.com
HDMI Splitter is also a Decrypter (2015-03-12) hackaday.com
Germany pushes for widespread endtoend email encryption (2015-03-09) gigaom.com
Outdated Encryption Keys Leave Phones Vulnerable to Hackers (2015-03-04) rss.nytimes.com
Protecting data on AWS cloud using powerful encryption techniques (2015-02-27) www.concur.com
Lets Declare GPG a Dead End for Encrypted Email (2015-02-26) moxie.org
Defending encryption doesnt mean opposing targeted surveillance (2015-01-23) gigaom.com

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